Creativity Meets Technology! HoneZone Technology Academy workshop's gives students an opportunity to explore, invent and create projects around technology, programming, creativity, animation, video game creation, digital art and digital story telling. HoneZone Technology Academy workshops are innovative hands-on, active learning experiences for kids. Each workshop is an interactive exploration of a specific technology (STEM) topic designed to help kids discover the exciting role of Technology in the world around us!

Our goal at HoneZone Technology Academy is to inspire imagination and invention; bringing science and technology to life. Hands-on, mini technology programs in topics such as technology innovation, coding, app design, real world technology application, peer interaction and team building.

These workshops offer kids a chance to see just how cool technology (STEM) can be! We bring the workshop, state of the art equipment, software and cool tools to you. These workshops are held at our facility, schools, libraries, recreation and community centers. As an educational nonprofit HoneZone Technology Academy's primary mission is to promote technology (STEM) enrichment for kids.

At HoneZone Technology Academy, we are serious about promoting technology education while having fun and take pride in our commitment to developing the finest technology and science-based programs available to children. The students workshop activities are under constant review by our full-time staff of educators, engineers, technologists and volunteer participants. We are confident that you'll agree with our philosophy that computers are more than just a tool for writing and researching. We believe computers and technology can empower all children to explore, invent and be creative using the right applications with the right direction. Our workshops offers a variety of programs, including after school, camp, academic and group workshops. Programs are divided by age and are available in different formats to meet scheduling needs of parents and group facilitators.

Entrepreneurship and Tech Power Innovation - Workshop

This workshop (student ages 9 - 18) focuses on the power of creating, rather than just using technology and offers opportunities to young students to recognize their entrepreneurial potential. Students have an opportunity to hear and discuss their ideas, learn steps to build the idea by discussing ways to simulate, support and conduct innovative technology pilots/prototypes that have the potential to transform the STEM Technology landscape. This workshop is designed to promote and sustain interest and increase technology proficiency and prepare students to become thinkers and innovators of 21st century.
The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million technology career openings. Close to 60 % of the nation's students who begin high school interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, change their minds by graduation. Our mission is to change that around. Our workshops are designed to promote and sustain interest and increase technology literacy and prepare students to become thinkers and innovators of 21st century. These workshops are scheduled to run thru Fall 2013. Please enroll online to secure your spot.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Innovate & Create Technology! ( don't just use Technology)
  • How to take your idea forward (no matter how small or big)
  • Are you a Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or an Innovator? - Find out!
  • Tell us about your Technology idea
  • Do you know what it takes to build your idea?
  • Marketing your product
  • Every participant earns Certificate of Participation

Toaster Wars - Workshop

We invite students to participate in Toaster Wars - a Computer Security competition sponsored by National Security Agency (NSA) in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. "When it comes to national security, there is no substitute for a dedicated, immensely talented workforce. We need the best and brightest to help us out-think and defeat our adversaries' new ideas."- NSA. Goal with "Toaster Wars" is to cultivate the nation's next generation of cyber warriors in offensive and defensive strategies. This free, online competition is scheduled to run from April 26 to May 6th 2013.

HoneZone Technology Academy will guide interested students from every Middle and High School in District 204 every day of this competition. We will be forming various teams from every school. Each team will have up to 5 students. Please enroll online to secure your spot.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Computer Security Skills
  • Understanding Programming Logic
  • Problem solving and strategy
  • Critical thinking and Collaboration skills
  • Analytical & Diagnostic skills development
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Every team member earns Certificate of Participation