Interesting Innovation- Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass. A new kind of glass material for our home windows invented by Google? Not quite!. Google Glass is much, much cooler. How many of you have a computer? Probably most of you. And odds are, you’re quite attached to your computer. I mean, come on, these days, our entire lives are on our computers. Well, what if you could be on your computer the entire day? I don’t mean you buried in your room, staring at your computer on your lap- or, for that matter, your smart-phone. I mean, what if you could see your computer at all times? Walking around the streets, heading off to school. Well, it’s possible now. That’s what Google Glass is-it’s a wearable computer-except rather than being PC style, it’s actually in the form of a pair of really neat glasses. Put them on, and wah-lah! You can do pretty much…anything. They’re a standard pair of eye-lenses, (they’re lighter than an average pair of sunglasses) except with a bunch of really cool technology built in so that you can do a lot of what you can do on your computer-except without having to actually take your computer out, and in half the time. So what is it that Google Glass can do? Well, for starters, Google Glass has a small touchpad on the side, where you can control your glasses by swiping through the screen. Hint hint: the touchpad works like a timeline. Swipe backward, and you’ve got current events and the weather. Swipe forward, and you’ve got past stuff, like phone calls, alerts and photos. Speaking of photos, don’t bring your camera to your next vacation if you’ve got Google Glass! Glass can take photos and HD video, all while staying on the same screen.


Man, the amazing things technology can do! But let’s not forget the fun stuff-apps! Google Glass has all of your everyday apps, like Gmail and Google Maps. All other apps have to be developed by companies interested in having their apps on Google Glass. Apps that already good to go include Evernote, the New York Times, fashion news from Elle, news alerts from CNN, and apps that help your share your photos and messages on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Let’s just keep praying that Angry Birds creates an app too. Either way, you’ve got admit Google Glass is well…awesome. But there’s still one awesome feature left. I know, you’re wondering, how much better can it get? Well, this is how better- its voice activated. For example, wondering how far is the moon from the earth? Now, you can just touch the touchpad and say, “OK Glass. How far is the moon from the earth?” Oh, and now that you know that the moon is 238,900 miles from the earth, you want to share this with your science project team member, that way he can finish the school report. No problem. Just touch the touchpad and fire away- “OK Glass. Send a message to Nick.” And shoot…you promised you’d meet your girlfriend at the new café at 3. But where exactly is that? Don’t worry. Glass has your back. “Give me directions to Whateveritsnameis Café.” No matter what the job, Google Glass has it covered. Which is why basically everyone and you (now that you know about it) is super excited that it’s now out and available to the general public- it came out on May 15th. Actually, a month earlier, Google sold the Google Glass for 1500 bucks for a very small period of time, just as a limited edition. But now, they’re out and available-but still for the 1500 bucks, so break your piggy bank-or, start saving. Cause one thing is for sure- this is technology of the future. 10 years ago, we were running around with small little cell-phones that really…were huge like a brick. Now, we’ve got futuristic iPhones and tablets and Google Glass…


So what’s the HoneZone Take? Google Glass is just another example of how the world- is taking large leaps forward in technology. And just how it can change our lives in more dramatic ways. You can take part in these new leaps of technology too-rather than play “2048”, you can actually create a game just like it by learning Scratch or Python Programming at HoneZone Technology Academy! Sign up today, that way not only are you creating cool stuff, you’re up to date with our ever-changing world. Up next time, we’ve got something even more cool-and a lot more controversial-driverless cars! You heard me-next time you’re on a road-trip, pack a lot of stuff to do, cause odds are, you won’t have to drive at all….