Ready, set, goal- or is it? Technology on the football field….


Hey guys! So because the FIFA World Cup finals are on Sunday (Argentina Vs. Germany…or aka Messi vs. German Powerhouse), I decided to quickly sneak this feature article in on the FIFA World Cup’s Goal-line Technology. Ready, set, goal- or is it?

Goal-line technology for soccer. What the heck is that? Well, in honor of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in which many countries are competing (sadly no longer the United States) I’d thought it’d be interesting to discuss a kind of technology that has helped to change the game. Now, let’s be honest-humans are not perfect. And sometimes, accidentally, we make error. The fact is that human error is part of the beauty of who we are. This is can impact our lives in a small way-and sometimes, in a big way. For example-sports fans, how many of you have screamed at a TV in frustration when a referee has made a wrong call in a game? You know that they’re wrong-or at least that’s what you believe-but how do you prove it? And that’s the annoying thing-there isn’t any way to do it, except now there is. Goal-line technology changes all of that. But you’re if anything like me, and not a soccer super-star, you’re probably wondering what exactly there is to prove? I mean, if the ball goes into the net, it’s a goal. Done. Nope, not done. You see, technically the ball only needs to pass the posts on either side of the goal to be counted as a goal, and sometimes goalies throw the ball out after they’ve passed the posts. Without goal line technology and only with a grainy video of what happened, you can’t truly prove that it was or wasn’t goal. And that’s been a problem forever-that is, until now. The technology first came into play in the 2014 World Cup in the match between France and Honduras. The goal line technology determined the ball’s flight path and accurately analyzed whether or not it was actually a goal-and it was! Hurrah goal-line technology!
So how exactly does it work? Goal-line technology is a collection of systems designed to monitor the ball’s flight path and determine whether it has crossed the line for a goal. There are tons of systems approved by FIFA, but they’ve decided to use the German GoalControl 4-D. Basically, there are 14 pretty awesome cameras around the entire stadium, with seven pointed at each goal, to perpetually capture the ball in 3D when it comes near the goal. It filters out players when taking shots, and is accurate down to the last millimeter. Frankly speaking, it’s the last word in soccer…er.. football technology. Technically, awarding the goal is still down to the referee dude (of course humans gotta feel important) but goal-line technology helps them to make that decision in an unbiased way. The referee dude has a little watchy-thingy on his hand which alerts him, based on the goal-line technology if or if not the play was a “goal”.

So what’s the HoneZone Take? This is the end of terrible endings for really sad teams who deserved a goal but didn’t get it. You probably don’t care if you’re not a soccer player, but imagine for a moment that was all you had worked for. It would probably matter a whole lot more to you than it does now. And forget the soccer aspect. Let’s think about the technology. I mean, 12 years ago, would anyone imagine such a thing would exist at a world cup? Probably not. Goal-line technology is a huge leap for technology, for the World Cup, for football, and for it’s players. It shows that not only can we use technology for things like cellphones and tablets, but for games that mean a lot to us as well. :) If you’re interested in taking your first start to building technology just like this, then join a class at HoneZone Technology Academy! It’s your first leap into the world of technology!

Interesting Innovation- Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass. A new kind of glass material for our home windows invented by Google? Not quite!. Google Glass is much, much cooler. How many of you have a computer? Probably most of you. And odds are, you’re quite attached to your computer. I mean, come on, these days, our entire lives are on our computers. Well, what if you could be on your computer the entire day? I don’t mean you buried in your room, staring at your computer on your lap- or, for that matter, your smart-phone. I mean, what if you could see your computer at all times? Walking around the streets, heading off to school. Well, it’s possible now. That’s what Google Glass is-it’s a wearable computer-except rather than being PC style, it’s actually in the form of a pair of really neat glasses. Put them on, and wah-lah! You can do pretty much…anything. They’re a standard pair of eye-lenses, (they’re lighter than an average pair of sunglasses) except with a bunch of really cool technology built in so that you can do a lot of what you can do on your computer-except without having to actually take your computer out, and in half the time. So what is it that Google Glass can do? Well, for starters, Google Glass has a small touchpad on the side, where you can control your glasses by swiping through the screen. Hint hint: the touchpad works like a timeline. Swipe backward, and you’ve got current events and the weather. Swipe forward, and you’ve got past stuff, like phone calls, alerts and photos. Speaking of photos, don’t bring your camera to your next vacation if you’ve got Google Glass! Glass can take photos and HD video, all while staying on the same screen.


Man, the amazing things technology can do! But let’s not forget the fun stuff-apps! Google Glass has all of your everyday apps, like Gmail and Google Maps. All other apps have to be developed by companies interested in having their apps on Google Glass. Apps that already good to go include Evernote, the New York Times, fashion news from Elle, news alerts from CNN, and apps that help your share your photos and messages on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Let’s just keep praying that Angry Birds creates an app too. Either way, you’ve got admit Google Glass is well…awesome. But there’s still one awesome feature left. I know, you’re wondering, how much better can it get? Well, this is how better- its voice activated. For example, wondering how far is the moon from the earth? Now, you can just touch the touchpad and say, “OK Glass. How far is the moon from the earth?” Oh, and now that you know that the moon is 238,900 miles from the earth, you want to share this with your science project team member, that way he can finish the school report. No problem. Just touch the touchpad and fire away- “OK Glass. Send a message to Nick.” And shoot…you promised you’d meet your girlfriend at the new café at 3. But where exactly is that? Don’t worry. Glass has your back. “Give me directions to Whateveritsnameis Café.” No matter what the job, Google Glass has it covered. Which is why basically everyone and you (now that you know about it) is super excited that it’s now out and available to the general public- it came out on May 15th. Actually, a month earlier, Google sold the Google Glass for 1500 bucks for a very small period of time, just as a limited edition. But now, they’re out and available-but still for the 1500 bucks, so break your piggy bank-or, start saving. Cause one thing is for sure- this is technology of the future. 10 years ago, we were running around with small little cell-phones that really…were huge like a brick. Now, we’ve got futuristic iPhones and tablets and Google Glass…


So what’s the HoneZone Take? Google Glass is just another example of how the world- is taking large leaps forward in technology. And just how it can change our lives in more dramatic ways. You can take part in these new leaps of technology too-rather than play “2048”, you can actually create a game just like it by learning Scratch or Python Programming at HoneZone Technology Academy! Sign up today, that way not only are you creating cool stuff, you’re up to date with our ever-changing world. Up next time, we’ve got something even more cool-and a lot more controversial-driverless cars! You heard me-next time you’re on a road-trip, pack a lot of stuff to do, cause odds are, you won’t have to drive at all….

Driverless Cars- The New Norm on the Road

driverless car

Driverless cars. Wait a second, WHAT?! Driver-less? How exactly is that possible? They sound so futuristic, like a feat of engineering- and so far away: a car that will take you anywhere you please without you, uh, driving. You just go ahead and tell it it’s destination, hop in, and away you go. It’ll stop at red lights and stop signs, move into the right lanes, slow down if it’s yellow, speed up if it’s green. It’ll play the radio and blast your music if you tell it to. And the whole time, well, you won’t have to do much, if anything at all. You can work, relax, sleep or play. No need to buy 3 cups of coffee to pull an all-nighter on a road trip to New York. You can just sleep off and let the car do the driving. But let’s be serious! They don’t have those yet, do they? Yes-yes they do. That’s right! Google recently introduced a technology project called The Google Self-Driving Car. They have been working on some really cool science and technology for autonomous or self-driving cars. And guess what? It worked! That’s right! Google officially created the car fairly recently, a few years ago.


So how does the really cool tech work? Basically, a laser in the car allows it to generate a detailed, 3D map of its environment. The car takes these generated maps and combines them with high resolution maps of the world and wah-lah! It knows where to go, how to get there, and what to watch out for. Ever since Google has released them, a few states in the US and a few countries having been catching on. In Nevada, Florida and California, driverless cars are free to roam the streets. They’re free to do that in Michigan too-but a human has to be in the driver seat at all times. But who cares? They’re driverless cars! And they’re awesome! Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain is allowing testing of robotic cars in traffic, and Finland is planning on passing a law before 2015. And here’s something that’s even cooler: just a week or two ago, Google introduced a newer, even awesome-er car; without any steering wheel or pedals. No more need to slam on the brakes because, well, there aren’t any brakes. It’s amazing, right? Just think about it. These cars change everything.


That’s the amazing thing with technology, it allows limitless possibilities to come alive. But there’s a problem. Because, see, these cars change, well…everything. And when they change everything, that means our laws need to change too. I mean, think about it…if driverless cars is the next thing, then what about driver licenses? Are they even necessary? And if they are, shouldn’t the test change? And when will you be allowed to get one, now that you aren’t handling the driving, but a car is? And what if the car malfunctions? It freaks out and dies. After technology can be imperfect sometimes. That’s why we’re here: to perfect it. So far, Google has seen only two incidents, both in California, both Google has maintained that the incidents were both a result of some error of the human sitting in the car, not the car itself. But still, the fact is, until both Google and the United States Government has conducted enough research on this car, it ain’t gonna be across the country-or the world, for that matter, any time soon. By anytime soon, I mean the next few months-or even this year. Google hasn’t even started to commercialize the product or hand it over to automobile manufacturers. However, the way technology is taking off, if you’re born around now, odds are, by the time you’re 16, you’ll be leaping into an autonomous car. Just imagine that!


So what’s the HoneZone take? It’s all made possible by technology. The Google Engineers have their brains, but mostly technological advancements in the last decade and our ability to harness and effectively use and apply the new kind of science and technology for the coolest things-like this driverless car! You can create extremely cool things too- and start your journey to be a future engineer at Google at awesome places like HoneZone Technology Academy! At HoneZone, they offer the widest range of tech. classes, so you can learn to create your own games! How neat is that? Not only is it tons of fun, it’s a first step to a great future in technology!