Technology Programs for students ages 8 – 18 in Naperville

HoneZone Programs for Students ages 8 – 18 near Fox valley Mall in Naperville-Aurora

Today’s young people will need to be 21st century thinkers, able to recognize problems and opportunities, understand the complex and varied systems in which those problems and opportunities exist, weigh the pros and cons of potential solutions, and proceed wisely with enacting their decisions. Technology provides opportunities to create and solve novel problems, communicate and collaborate, create new products and processes, and adapt to changes providing a more engaged,relevant, meaningful, and personalized learning all of which can lead to higher levels of success in 21st century. At HoneZone, our goal is to help prepare your student for 21st century. Check out our programs and enroll now!

Tech Start® – Foundations in Technology (ages 8 – 18)

Start Young, Thing Big! Students take their first step into the world of technology by creating fun interactive, technology projects using easy to learn programming language. Students learn fundamentals of Cloud computing, Mobile technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and understand App development concepts for iPhone and Android OS.

Tech Dives® – Deep dive into world of Technology (ages 9 – 18)

Future is now, Future is You! Students learn and create advanced, highly creative, fun technology projects in this program. They learn Cloud computing concepts using Google apps, Salesforce apps. Students also dive into App Development advanced concepts with iPhone, Android OS. They learn how to integrate Game design with Artificial intelligence.

Tech Strides® – Bold strides with advanced Technology (ages 10 – 18)

Take bold strides for a Bright future! In this program, students learn sophisticated technology design building blocks behind the digital world of iPhone, iPad, Android, OS, Facebook, Google Maps, Computers and Robots. Knowing how to build technology opens up the possibilities of creating and building on their own ideas.

Tech Sprints® – Dream your 21st century career (ages 14 – 18)

Take control of your future! Students learn comprehensive career oriented technology programs on App Development, Cloud computing, technology design, development, marketing, persuasion and winning strategies. This program offers internship preparation component to put you on the right track in your career path.