After-School Programs

At HoneZone Technology Academy, our mission is to promote and increase technology literacy of every student and prepare them to become thinkers and innovators of 21st Century. Through fun, interactive projects, personal creations, and step-by-step instruction, our innovative and interactive after school and project based technology enrichment programs teaches students the building blocks behind some of today's most sophisticated technologies. Today's young students will need to be 21st century thinkers, able to recognize problems and opportunities, create new solutions and innovate with new ideas. Our programs are geared towards providing technology literacy for students aged 8-18 and give them a head start to be future leaders and entrepreneurs in STEM domain.

What better way to achieve this goal than to bring our innovative technology programs right to the where the students are? Their schools! HoneZone Technology Academy has teamed up with various elementary, middle and high schools in the Chicago-land area to promote technology education via our after-school programs conducted at the school premises. Please check the schedule to find a after-school program in your area.

Follow the links below to checkout our after-school programs:

bullet Adventures in Game design with Minecraft & Java (Elementary grades 3,4 & 5)
Start Young, Think Big! Guided by step by step instructions, students embark on a fun journey, transitioning from just "using" Minecraft as a sandbox to "creating" their own game while gaining valuable introduction to Java programming skills and Technology development concepts. This program teaches valuable STEM skills to students through their favorite Game landscape and allows them to take those skills forward for 21st century!

bullet Minecraft Game Modding & Java coding (Middle school grades 6, 7 & 8)
Take control of your future! In this exciting game design course, Students become better crafters and gain valuable Java programming skills when they learn how to build personalized Minecraft game mods. In this dynamic course, students work with Minecraft's source code and understand Object Oriented concepts (Java OO) to create new types of blocks, ores and items within the game. What better way to learn Java than via Minecraft modding? This course teaches valuable skills for 21st century and sets the stage for AP Computer Science pursuits.

To meet their visions of success as adults in the 21st century, our kids are going to need some pretty sophisticated skills. And we are not referring to skills such as those needed to play games and send texts with their iPhones, iPad and iPod gadgets. Students require higher levels of technology education to succeed in the new, knowledge-based economy. We are living in a new economy powered by technology, fueled by information, and driven by knowledge. The influence of technology will go beyond new equipment and faster communications, as work and skills will be redefined and reorganized. Today's young people will need to be 21st century thinkers, able to recognize problems and opportunities, understand the complex and varied systems in which those problems and opportunities exist, weigh the pros and cons of potential solutions, and proceed wisely with enacting their decisions. Technology serves as a bridge to more engaged,relevant, meaningful, and personalized learning - all of which can lead to higher academic achievement. At HoneZone, we help prepare your student for 21st century.